About Aiden

Mx. Aiden M. Harrington is a newly VT-based certified nurse-midwife skilled in providing sensitive and affirming health care to adolescent and adult patients, especially gender and sexual minority populations (particularly LGBTQI, transgender, non-monogamous, HIV+, and those involved in sex work), as well as education for community and health care professionals. In addition to presenting at national and international conferences such as Transcending Boundaries, The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, and the ACNM Annual Conference, Aiden also guest lectures at major universities and hospitals. Aiden is an active member of STTI, ACNM, NYSALM, NYC Midwives, WPATH, GLMA, ANAC, and NAF’s Clinicians For Choice.

Aiden is the founder of the Judgment Free Health Care Providers Directory (www.JFHCP.org), a non-profit initiative to help gender and sexual minority patients find sensitive and culturally competent health care professionals.

Passionate about underserved populations, sexual and reproductive freedom, as well as environmental and public health concerns, Aiden extends their support as far as their voice and fingertips can reach by advocating online, in their community, and at academic and organizational conferences nationwide.

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