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Approachable, medically accurate and sex-positive health promotion and education.

Sex is one of those topics that most people in our society – health care professionals included – shy away from. Bombarded with images of sex in the media yet discouraged from having open and honest conversations with ourselves, our lovers, or our health care providers, people often fall prey to myth and misinformation. This sex-negativism, including other related issues like homophobia and transphobia, creates an atmosphere where assumptions are made because of the questions not asked. I don’t know about you, but my mom told me not to make assumptions because it makes… well, you know what it makes us!

Having spent the last decade (and then some) exploring sexuality, gender, kink, polyamory, spirituality, and more, I advocate for authenticity in all areas of life – especially sexuality – and enjoy inspiring sexual exploration and playfulness as a nurse, sexuality educator, and aspiring sex-positive medical provider. My personal passion, and the mission of and all of my Work, is to get people talking about the scary topics we NEED to talk about – like sex, gender, and relationships! Playful and engaging, I encourage others to challenge their assumptions and stretch their comfort zones with topics that are medically accurate but made accessible to different audiences. My aim is to show others that shame and guilt have no place in our relationships, the bedroom… or health care.

Because… sex and pleasure are natural.

Because… better health depends on honest and direct communication.

Because… respect and compassion aren’t negotiable in health care.

Most importantly… Because YOU deserve it!

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