Alternative Sexuality & Relationships

Community workshops about alternative sexuality and relationships:

Sex cloud Getting Our Needs Met: Emotionally and Erotically   Satisfying Alternative Relationships

Do you want want more play in your life? Do you want more sex? What about connection? Whether you’re single, partnered, or part of a tribe, each of us strives to create relationships that fuel us. In this thought-provoking workshop, we will discuss the elements many of us choose in our relationships, how to design erotically authentic and satisfying partnerships, and the tools necessary to make them a success.

Beyond 50 Shades of Gray – Exploring BDSM, Kink, and Alternative Sexuality

With “50 Shades of Gray” becoming a mainstream sensation, BDSM, kink, and alternative sexuality has become a popular topic of conversation. Do you want to explore the mysterious subculture of alternative sexuality but too afraid to ask? Are you curious about BDSM and Kink (and why people do it) but don’t know who to ask? In this honest and direct introductory class, we will explore various forms of alternative lifestyles, including sensation play, bondage, role play, and more! Bring an open-mind as we delve into fun and creative ways people spice up their sex lives!

Never Say Never – Exploring boundaries and limits (Lecture/Discussion)

Whether we’ve been in the “scene” for a day or a decade, each of us must decide the limits and bounds for our play. Top or bottom, dominant or submissive, poly or non-monogamous, each of us draws lines in the sand. In this judgment-free class, we will discuss personal hard and soft limits, the reasons why we choose them, and examine how time and experience may cause them to ebb and flow. We will also examine negotiating limits in various contexts for casual play, relationships, and more!


Polyamory & Non-Monogamy – Triads, Tribes, Slutdom, & More

Do you want more freedom, sex, excitement, intimacy, and connection in your life and relationships? Interested in exploring more sexual partners or opening up a current relationship but don’t know where to start? Are you curious about polyamory and/or swinging but don’t know how to talk about it with your partner(s)? Come and explore alternative sexual relationships and avenues of loving and relating… and walk away with skills for venturing into the world of unlimited love and pleasure.

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