Workshops for Health Care Professionals

Cultural Competence workshops for health care professionals working with gender and sexual minority communities:


Providing Care to Sex-Positive Populations

Are you a health care provider or other professional looking to better serve the sex-positive communities? Want to be a better ally to your LGBTQI, polyamorous, and kink patients/clients? In this introductory workshop, we will discuss gender, sexuality, orientation and various forms of alternative relationship structures and dynamics, the difficulty many patients face in accessing sensitive care, and effective ways to communicate with patients from the LGBTQI and sex-positive communities.


Sex Positive Approaches to Health Care

Are you a health care provider or other professional looking to better serve your patient population? Do you want ways to create an open dialogue with your patients so you can better treat your patients? Are you looking for ways to let your patients know you’re a sensitive and affirming provider? In this engaging workshop, we will discuss effective methods for communicating with patients to inspire trust and openness for improved patient outcomes and how to create a patient care atmosphere that reflects cultural sensitivity. Topics for discussion will include gender identity, orientation, teen sexuality, alternative sexuality, options counseling, chosen families, and more!

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