Identity & Sexuality

Community workshops exploring identity and sexuality:

Bucking the Binary of Gender & Orientation

Have you been hearing words like “Queer”, “Pansexual”, “Genderqueer”, “Transgender” and wished you could ask what they mean without offending someone? Want to explore the concepts of sex, gender, and orientation in a safe-space where the only wrong question is the one not asked? Whether you left the binary behind years ago or are curious about learning (but were too afraid to ask), come join us as we delve into the grey in this judgment-free workshop about gender, orientation and living in the undefined.

Queer Sex: Sexuality Beyond the Binary

For some, the binaries of male/female and gay/straight don’t fit. Identifying as, or finding ourselves attracted to, persons not following traditional gender expression can place us in unfamiliar territory. What do our identities and attractions mean about us? How can we approach our lovers with sensitivity? Building on our understanding of sex, gender and orientation, come join us for an open-minded discussion about how queer identity can affect our sex and relationships.

TRANSitions: Medical & Surgical Options

Are you curious about the medical and surgical options available to transgender folk? Whether you want to know because you are exploring your own gender or just want to be a better support to others, this class will look at the various medical and surgical options available to those of transgender experience. Medications, surgeries, and other transition-related treatments for those in the trans-feminine, trans-masculine, and genderqueer spectrums will be discussed.

6a00d83454ed4169e20192abebfa17970d-500wiSacred Androgyne: Walking Between the Worlds

Across the ages, the path of the sacred androgyne has been revered as sacred. Transgender and intersex peoples in cultures across the globe have been seen as mythical and spiritual people with the ability to walk between the worlds. From the two-spirit of Native American tribes and gallae priest/esses of Cybele, to the myths of Lilith, Baphomet, and the Kurgarra and Galatur, the path of the sacred androgyne can help us along our journey through alternate expressions of gender and sexuality. This workshop will explore various figures in myth and history, as well as contemporary paths of spirituality for those outside the binary.

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