Safer Sexuality

Community workshops for health promotion and disease prevention:

Sexy Safer Sex

Ready to explore the world of infinite love and sex but want tips on how to do it safely? Already using safer sex practices but looking for tips to make it less stressful, more fun, and seemingly seamless? In this no-judgments class, we’ll discuss (and even try practicing with our clothes still on) how to make safer sex sexy, while sharing some of the health concerns that have us want to play in a safer way. We will expand our definitions of sex, reengineer the role that barriers play, and explore techniques and strategies to keep you and your partners health and happy – no matter what kinds of hot, steamy action you enjoy!


Contraceptive Choices

With all of the birth control methods available, it can be hard to decide which to choose. Come and explore your options using more than just your mind in this hands-on workshop where you’ll be able to see and touch samples of the various methods on the market. We will discuss pros and cons of each to better enable an informed discussion with your health care provider! This worksop will also include a discussion about what emergency contraception is – and isn’t.

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